Vision Design Group has done extensive research and testing in search engine marketing techniques and relies on the best, proven tools and techniques to boost the effectiveness of your site in drawing more traffic from search engines. Each site we design is built with SEO in mind from the selection of a domain name through final on-page SEO work prior to website launch. We also offer SEO service consultation and improvements for clients with existing websites.

On-Page SEO

Our SEO services bring Search Engine Optimization, an umbrella term for the various techniques used to attract organic website traffic, by making a site’s content easy for search engines to find. We tailor SEO into the websites that we build based on your specific content, so that they are optimized for search engines and are likely to gain higher Search Engine Results Placement (SERP). This is key to encouraging new visitors to find your site.

Factors that influence Search Engine Optimization include keyword selection, keyword density and placement, site usability, popularity, website age, content freshness, site credibility and presence of red flags or search engine penalty factors. SEO service is a very important and fundamental component of any website marketing development and ongoing website maintenance.

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