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Edible examples of QR codes

QR codes are everywhere….and now you can eat them, too.

Just for fun, here are some samples collected from the web of QR codes on or near food. Which one would you eat first?

QR code in squid ink

A restaurant in Boston is stamping QR codes on plates so that savvy customers can find out what ingredients they’re about to consume. And the code itself is printed in squid ink, so if you have the urge to lick your plate clean…you can go for it!

Chocolate QR code

Here, a QR code on chocolate.

A new spin on a cupcake

A new spin on a cupcake

The winner of an edible QR code competition...on a tortilla.

One entry in an edible QR code competition…on a tortilla. Click the image to see more entries.

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