With all the new digital options and traditional printed media for promoting products and services, in many companies email marketing has taken a back seat. While not nearly as glamorous as mobile apps or social media, email marketing is still the workhorse that can power your marketing message and nurture your leads to the point of purchase.

Email marketing has some key advantages over other media:

  1. Immediate transfer of messaging directly to your target audience
  2. You can determine the frequency of contact and segmentation of the recipients
  3. Email open rates and link click actions are traceable to individual subscribers, also offers opportunity for a second follow on message to those who opened the email or clicked on links
  4. Email is essentially “free” – the cost is mainly your time and a nominal monthly fee for your email marketing platform
  5. Using email templates allows you to match website and print material, to reinforce your brand and tagline
  6. Email has a residual effect – after the initial burst of opens over the first few days of a campaign, you will see website traffic and orders resulting directly from the email months after it is sent

Email reporting example

With all the power of email and low cost compared to other methods of promotion, I am always amazed at how few people use it effectively. For starters, be sure to allow visitors to subscribe to your newsletter on ALL pages of your website. Positioning the subscribe form in the header or high on another common element of each page is desirable. Your house email list is like gold! Once you have a list developed, use it on a regular basis. Don’t forget to prune your list after every send to remove undeliverable emails and improve your ability to make it into your subscriber’s inbox.

Keep an email schedule and editorial calendar. Send to your list religiously so they get accustomed to seeing your emails. If you send regularly, an occasional extra email or special offer will be welcomed without causing unsubscribes.

A recent article by MarketingProfs reinforces the effectiveness of email compared to other marketing media (see the link at the bottom of this article). As you can see from the article, email leads the other media in both the likelihood of making a purchase, and in people looking for a deal from a company.

One last note on your email list. I never recommend the purchase or use of a third party email list as a way to promote your business. Emails sent from purchased lists are expensive, have a low response rate, and often lead to high unsubscribe rates on additional emails on future emails. The time you spend on growing your in-house list will pay dividends for years to come.

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