If I migrate to Google Apps™, can I bring my existing emails, folders and contacts with me?

Yes. Vision Design Group can import your past emails along with your existing folder structure (which is converted to “Labels” in Gmail) and contacts, so you can keep your communication history with your new Google Apps setup. We can even export your Outlook calendar events and import them into Google Calendar.

Can we still use our own domain name in our email addresses?

Yes, when we set up Google Apps, we’ll use your web domain to create custom email addresses.

Does it come with a shared calendar?

Yes, Google Calendar allows you to share calendars with other colleagues and schedule appointments. You can even embed a Google Calendar on a web page.

Can I integrate a personal calendar without my collegues seeing it?

Yes, there are many ways to use Google Calendar while keeping certain information private. You can create a separate calendar that is only visible to you, or you can mark certain events as “busy” on your shared calendar without revealing the details. Users who have personal Gmail accounts can share their existing calendar with their new Google Apps account so they can see all their calendars in one place.

Will I still need to use Outlook?

The short answer is no―you can send and receive email through the Google Apps web interface. If you’re comfortable with Outlook and still want to use it you can, but there are no additional benefits to doing so, and you lose some of the integration features that are the strength of Google Apps.

How much does it cost?

$50/user/year, plus a setup fee based on your organizations’ needs and the number of users. Contact us for a specific quote.

Will it be difficult to learn?

Not at all! Existing Gmail users will catch on immediately since the interface is similar. Vision Design Group also provides training to you and your staff to bring you up to speed on how to use Google Apps and integrate the new tools into your workflow.

Is it backed up?

Your data stored with Google Apps is protected with synchronous replication, which means there are duplicate copies in case one location fails.

Is it secure?

Google is committed to keeping the information stored on its computer systems safe and secure with a multi-layered security strategy which is endorsed and defended throughout the organization. Google Apps provides controls at each level of data storage, access and transfer. Millions of organizations, including Google, run their businesses on Google Apps, and Google invests in that trust every day. With Google Apps, users can rest assured that Google values the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data. To learn more, read Google’s Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products (PDF).