We recently posted about using your email signature to save time and promote your business offerings. This post will provide instructions on locating the Site Visitor Sign-up link from your Constant Contact account, and applying it to your email signature.

Adding a Constant Contact sign-up link to your email signature

1.  When you’re logged into your Constant Contact account, click on the Contacts tab at the top of the screen then click on Join My Mailing List.

2.  Under the first heading, click on Start Wizard to generate HTML code.

3.  From the three style options on the next screen, select Text Links and click Next.

4. Keep the default style or choose your Color, Font, and Text  and then click Next

5.  Click on the Preview button under Get HTML Code

6.  A new small window will open with your Constant Contact link displaying inside it.  Use your mouse to right-click in this new window and right mouse click again to Select All.

7.  Once you have your new Constant Contact link highlighted, right-mouse on this link and select Copy.

8.  Now go to your Edit signature text box in your Outlook (by completing steps 1-3 in the first part of this post) and you can right-mouse click and Paste this Constant Contact sign up link into the text area where you add your signature text.

9.  You will now see your new Constant Contact link added into your signature.  Arrange the placement as needed.