Vision Design Group has many years of experience working with businesses in the automotive, marine, and repair services. We understand the key elements necessary to help make your website a success and stand out from your competitors.

In the auto, marine, and repair industry, allowing your customers to view your business services and work is vital to maintaining a credible online presence. Vision Design Group offers professional photography, 360 virtual tours, comprehensive online product databases, and more to help give your customers a full view of your products and services.

Automotive Services

Arbutus Motorsports – Hatfield, WI
Bodensteiner Body Werks – Waukon, IA
Cars-N-Credit – Winona, MN
Exclusive MotorWorks Inc. – Napa, CA
Exclusive MotorWorks Racing – Napa, CA
Mopar Ponderosa – Jordan, MN
Universal Truck Equipment – Galesville, WI

Exclusive Motor Racing
Exclusive Motor Racing
Universal Truck Equipment
Mopar Panderosa
Bodensteiner Body Werks

Marine Services

Holmen Marine
Mainstream Firearms & Marine

Repair Services

GM Gauge Repair – Onalaska, WI
Gunner’s Top Notch Auto – Holmen, WI
K&M Glass – Rochester, MN

Top Notch Auto
K&M Glass
GM Gauge Repair

Vision Design Group is equipped to handle every aspect of your web presence.

A flexible, cross-disciplinary approach that includes marketing strategy, website design, programming, project management and Search Engine Optimization. As your business grows, we can provide advanced options for expanding your website to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

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