Easily connect residents to a website that includes all local events, activities, and files from city codes to local job postings. Also, be able to notify residents through instant updates via email and/or text message when they subscribe to the page. Calendars, business directories, maps, and more make it easy for residents or visitors find exactly what they are looking for.


City of Buffalo City – Buffalo City, WI
City of Caledonia – Caledonia, MN
City of Elgin – Elgin, MN
City of Fountain City – Fountain City, WI
City of Kellogg – Kellogg, MN
City of La Crescent – La Crescent, MN
City of Lewiston – Lewiston, MN
City of Madelia – Madelia, MN
City of St. Charles – St. Charles, MN
City of Wabasha – Wabasha, MN
City of Winona, – Winona, MN
Opportunity Winona – Winona, MN
Port Authority of Winona – Winona, MN
Village of Trempealeau – Trempealeau, WI
Wilson Township – Winona County, MN

Madelia Chamber of Commerce
City of Wabasha
St. Charles Chamber
Wilson Township
City of Caledonia
City of Lewiston

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