Virus Alert! It's critical to install virus software and update it weekly to ensure that your PC and your website are protected.

Virus Alert! It’s critical to install anti-virus software and update it weekly to ensure that your PC and your website are protected.

One thing that many website owners do not realize is that a website can be infected with a virus much like a personal computer can be infected with a virus.

When you are editing your website through software such as Contribute, Dreamweaver or FrontPage, it is very important that the computer you are using be free from any virus, spyware, or malware. Since website editing software downloads and uploads files directly to the web server, an infected computer can very easily transfer a virus to the website. This can cause pages on your website to not load properly, links to stop working, and as a result, your customers could have a bad overall experience with your website.

I highly recommend that you verify  your computer is virus and spy-ware free before working on your website.

  • Start by selecting and installing effective anti-virus software. There are many different anti-virus programs available, some of which are free and operate just as well or better than expensive programs. So, whatever your budget, anybody can afford virus protection. (Contact us if you need a recommendation on choosing quality anti-virus software)
  • No matter what anti-virus program you use, it is critically important that your anti-virus program gets updated weekly. Find out whether your anti-virus program will automatically update each week, or if you need to update it manually. New viruses are constantly emerging, so it’s critical that your anti-virus software gets updated with the most current virus detection files in order to detect these viruses, and protect your computer and website.

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