Looking for a way to get additional website leads? Many of our clients are seeing great results using Live Chat to interact with website visitors. Live Chat can also make your customer service and technical support staff more efficient by offering immediate interaction, and the ability to share information and website links in real time.

When Live Chat is enabled on a website, visitors will see a button to engage in an online conversation with a member of your team (check out the green “HELP” button on the right side of this screen). When your staff is offline, the button will prompt them to send you an email to leave a message to be returned during business hours.

Vision Design Group installed Live Chat on our own website to experiment with the technology. Although we get some leads from our Contact Us page and other forms on our website, we have been very pleased with the increase in new clients we have acquired by being able to chat while website visitors are exploring our website and services.

Here are some advantages of Live Chat:

  • Allows immediate interaction with website visitor, whether their inquiry is a lead or a support issue
  • Can save time for busy customer services representatives, and allow multiple chat conversations to be managed at one time
  • Many younger website visitors prefer chat to phone call interactions
  • Saves time in gathering information, and allows for immediate clarification if needed
  • A common concern is feeling live chat will add more time for sales or support responsibilities; our experience is that if properly used it can actually reduce time spent in customer contact

For an example of a live chat interaction, see the screen shot below. This represents a visitor to our website who is interested in mobile websites. The small window on the lower right area of the screen is a mobile chat window.

Live Chat Window Example

Behind the scenes, the staff member who is acting as an “agent” for the chat has an interface which gives background on pages the visitor has viewed, and in some cases you can even get the domain name of the network or even the name of the person engaged in the chat.

SnapEngage Live Chat Example

Our platform of choice for enabling Live Chat is the full featured and very cost effective SnapEngage. SnapEngage can be implemented on most websites—including client training—in about an hour.

Some of the advantages of using SnapEngage:

  • Can be configure as simple Help or Live Chat tab, or you can enable proactive chat to display chat window after a fixed number of seconds after the visitor enters the page
  • Allows multiple agents to be online, and also allows transfers between agents
  • Shows what webpage the visitor entered on, as well as any additional pages viewed during the chat
  • Summary email of chat can be sent to the website visitor, including full conversion and links included in the chat
  • Price is less than $50/month for up to four agents

If you are interested in learning more about SnapEngage, visit the SnapEngage website, or you can also do a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.