Vision Design Group recently completed a series of online applications for new volunteers at Winona Volunteer Services, in addition to redesigning the entire section to make it easier for new volunteers to connect with staff efficiently.

Highlights of the newly redesigned Volunteer Opportunities section:

  • Position descriptions are highlighted with requirements such as time commitment easily visible so volunteers have the info they need to self-select which positions will fit their skills and availability
  • A new section titled Steps to Volunteer gives visitors a clear idea of what to expect when they want to volunteer at WVS
  • FAQs have been added, as well as a page detailing how volunteers help WVS and the community
  • Once a user is ready to get started, they can self-select their application based on their situation–like whether they’re volunteering on their own, with a group or as part of a class
  • The applications are multi-page forms with a progress bar so the visitor knows how far they are in the process. Staff at Winona Volunteer Services receive an email when a new volunteer is ready to be interviewed, and they know ahead of time what type of skills the volunteer offers, as well as their availability and important details.

Volunteer Online Application

Visit Winona Volunter Services to learn more about volunteer opportunities!