Successful trade show displays don’t have to break the bank. This post shows two options are very economical that can get you started. The graphic panels can easily be switched out if your message changes from one show to another.

Two affordable types of trade show displays

Retractable Banner Stands

  • come in a variety of sizes
  • come with storage/travel case
  • roll up like a window shade and attach to a support bar
  • lightweight and portable, use less space, easy and cheaper to ship

Fold-out Wire Frame

  • great for larger spaces
  • come in a variety of sizes
  • comes with storage/travel case – in most, the case converts to a podium or display stand
  • requires some set-up (practice setting up before showtime)
  • skinned with either fabric or vinyl using magnetic strips

Examples of fold-out wire frame displays:

Llama Lo direct mailer and tradeshow materials

Badger Equipement tradeshow display

In most cases, you can choose to print your display on either fabric or vinyl. Fabric is longer lasting and more durable and won’t wrinkle. Fabric won’t have a glare, which makes it easy to read in different lighting environments. Vinyl offers more vivid and sharper images, less fade over time and can be wiped clean if soiled.

Tips for creating an impactful display

  • The rule of thumb is you only have 3 seconds to catch attendee’s attention, so make sure you use large images and easy to read text.
  • When it comes to designing graphics for the displays, less is more. Knowing that you only have three seconds, wording should be concise as possible. Use bullets rather than full sentences, or action verbs to get your message across at just a glance
  • The most important information should be at the top half of your display. Crop photos in a way to maximize their size and still project your message.
  • If you have hand-outs or brochures, tie them in to the “look” of your booth graphics, but don’t waste your audience’s time and attention by repeating all the content of the brochure onto your display. Focus your display on the most important points of the brochure, then add comforting and supportive imagery. Imagery will be much more effective and inviting to your audience, bringing in more people in a way that a lot of text and changing focus points cannot.