CodaBow in Winona is recognized as one of the pioneers of the modern music bow. The design originates from the skill of experts in several fields including aerospace engineering, bow making, composite science, and, of course, music. The end result is an elegantly designed bow that heightens the sound and quality of the musician’s instrument.

As a renown bow manufacturer, a clean, professional website is necessary to cater to clients around the globe. Our team worked alongside the CodaBow marketing team to address new ways to improve the website’s experience for visitors. One of the biggest need discussed by CodaBow was a way to better promote the company’s Marquise Custom Bow on the website for potential buyers. The solution was a custom product configurator that our team created which allows visitors to virtually build and view their optimal bow.

Additional updates included an improved dealer lookup page and a new “Artist” page which showcases talented musicians who use CodaBow bows.

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