Kickass Beef Jerky makes some of the tastiest jerky around. As a family owned business in Winona, MN, Kickass jerky sells their products around the country in 20 different states and is sponsored by several amazing athletes and professionals from race car drivers to video gamers. With so many flavors to choose from, this company has a little something for everyone from their mouthwatering original and teriyaki beef jerky to their flaming hot beef sticks and sweet BBQ jerky just to name a few. They also make a seriously kickass Bloody Mary mix complete with Bloody Mary beef sticks and pickled sides. You read right; Kickass can do more than just beef jerky! Customers can try the pickled products ranging from pickled olives and mushrooms to pickled turkey gizzards, pork hocks and much more! Be extreme and give Kickass Jerky a try. “It’s just that good!”

The Vision Design Group loves working with small businesses! Kickass Beef Jerky uses an online store format for their business to market their products. We upgraded their old site to a Shopify platform, an efficient online store, making it easier for the staff to make edits to the products and easier for retailers and individual customers to purchase their their jerky. Our team reorganized their content, highlighted the products, integrated the company’s instagram into the site and add stunning photos to bring the store to life.  The new Shopify store is modern and shows off the fun personality of Kickass Beef Jerky.

Check out the new store here!

Kickass Beef Jerky