Website Launch: Norske Inn

Published On: December 27th, 2018|Categories: Hotels & Lodging, News|

Norske Inn is a small town motel that is a favorite destination for truck drivers and work crews for many reasons, especially due to the expansive and accommodating parking space for semis and large construction vehicles.

To help transition into their new branding, Norske Inn wanted a website that promotes the new changes to the business. The new site features two sections: Norske Inn & Zzip Stop. Both sections of the business are separated for easier navigation, allowing customers to peruse each service individually based on what they are interested in. The sections also use SEO for organic searches and the Zzip Stop links out to it’s own website for customers to find the 6 locations.

Our team also added the business to Google Listings and created pay-per-click (PPC) ads to help better promote their online presence and allow customers to easily find the website.

Check out the new website for yourself!

Norske Inn