The United States has always been considered a melting pot for cultures from around the world. With the help of non profit organizations like Puentes|Bridges, cultural differences in the midwest are being addressed and met with open hands to help better unite the communities.

Puentes|Bridges began in 1999 to help close the cultural differences between midwest farmers and immigrant farmers from Mexico. Over the years, this organization has provided Spanish language classes to farmers and organized trips down to Mexico to meet the families of farmers who are currently working in the Midwest. Vision Design Group is proud to have the opportunity to create a website for an organization like Puentes|Bridges.

The new website uses a WordPress platform that makes updates and adding information fast and easy. The site is mobile friendly and the custom logo and design fits the branding of the organization. As a non-profit organization, it was also important that a donate button be placed prominently on the website and strong calls to action added to encourage visitors to make a donation.

The organization’s trips to Mexico are an important part of who they are. These trips offer life changing experiences for everyone involved. The new website highlights these trips in blog posts to help capture the emotion, adventure, and lessons for others to learn from.

With the new design for Puentes|Bridges, the organization will continue to be able to promote their amazing work to others throughout the Midwest and beyond. Check out their story here!