The Riverfest Commodores Foundation supports families and children with special needs through the Kids in Need Fund. This is a wonderful organization that provides grants and assistance for services including service animals, therapy, and even home improvements for families in the La Crosse area to provide extra help to children with special needs. The Riverfest Commodores Foundation is dedicated to the children they support and every cent donated to the foundation goes to the Kids in Need Fund.

At Vision Design Group, we love working with organizations that are committed to bettering the lives of others. We worked with the Riverfest Commodores Foundation to create a website for families and donors alike to learn more information about the foundation and the Kids in Need Funding. The website feels welcoming and uses strong calls to action to encourage visitors to give donations to the Kids in Need Fund. Applicants can also find the information and application for the grants while visitors can donate to the fund and view the impact of past gift recipients. We believe every family and child should have access to their needed medical care, and this foundation can reach countless others who share this idea too!

Check out this amazing website for yourself!

Riverfest Commodores Foundation

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