If your website isn’t designed to work with the ever-growing population of tablet and smartphone users, you might be missing a huge opportunity to improve the website visitor experience. Most of our clients are seeing anywhere from 20% to over 50% of their traffic coming from mobile devices.

Vision Design Group specializes in mobile website optimization. Nearly all of our current client websites are mobile optimized, and all new designs are planned with mobile use from the very start of the project. Mobile is integrated in all aspects of our website development projects, from the graphic design and navigation, to testing and Internet browser compatibility. We also include mobile marketing as a key part of our client digital marketing strategies.

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First Kiss Wedding Photos
Business Card Service Inc.
Island City Properties
Riverport Conference and Event Center

Are you considering a mobile app? That might be a fit if you have a high volume ecommerce website, or special needs for assisting customers with mobile specific tasks. Before you invest the money in creating a custom mobile app, be sure and talk to us about responsive website design benefits. With a responsive website, your web pages automatically adapts the layout to the size of the Internet browser, regardless of the type of device. Your web visitors will be able to view, navigate, and interact with your website on tablets and smartphones.

For most clients, we have found a responsive website design is adequate for their customers needs. A major advantage in responsive design over having a separate mobile website or mobile app is that you just have one website to update and manage, not two separate websites in the case of a mobile only website. Save yourself the headache of maintaining two sets of content and images with responsive website design!

Now is the time to upgrade your website to a responsive web design to take advantage of today’s mobile market.

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