YouTube Video Advertising

Video media has become one of today’s leading forms of internet and digital marketing, and can help increase the impact of your marketing message.

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YouTube Video Advertising Services

One of the powers of video is its use in advertising. Similar to PPC advertising, video ads can be used in several formats, and you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Google TrueView pay per view (PPV) ad formats can also be implemented so you only pay if someone watches the entire video (or at least 30 seconds if you have a longer video).

Video Advertising can take the following formats:

  • In Stream – Your video is displayed in front of other videos on YouTube

  • In Display – A thumbnail of your video is displayed on YouTube or other propertied, click on the ad will take the visitor directly to your video

  • Remarketing – After a video is played or other actions are taken, the viewer can be added to a remarking list. Future text or display ads can then be displayed as remarketing ads

YouTube Video Organic Search Optimization

One of the key benefits of video is to improve your organic search engine optimization. Videos can be embedded on your website, but also draw traffic via your YouTube channel (did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web?). By using the keywords and linking techniques, your videos can help to attract even more traffic and conversions on your website.

Video can be used to provide a company overview on your About page, or even used as a key element of your Home page to introduce first-time visitors to your products and services. By showing, not telling, video is ideal for training, testimonials or product demonstration. Vision Design Group can help coordinate a video that fits with your branding and marketing messages.

Once you have a video, Vision Design can help create and optimize a YouTube channel for organic search. We can also help with loading and optimizing your videos for maximum exposure, and make sure the video title, descriptions, and other elements align with the keywords in your video content.

Contact us to set up a consultation about your next project or to learn more about our web video advertising services.

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