Website Launch: Crawford Technical Services

Published On: December 3rd, 2018|Categories: News, Professional Services|

At Vision Design, we have the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of amazing and unique companies. CTH Guru Computational Shock Physics powered by Crawford Technical Services is no exception. Founder Dave Crawford helped create CTH, a computational shock physics software, which, simply put, is code that, when used, can provide extremely accurate analysis of scenarios such as controlled building demolition explosions. Dave Crawford provides workshops and training for people learning how to properly and effectively use this program.

Dave Crawford used to work for the company that CTH was founded under but has since branched out on his own to teach clients how to use the software. Because Crawford Technical Services does not own the software, only provides classes on how to use it, Dave Crawford needed a website that fit his specific needs. We created a site where simplicity is key. Four tabs make up the navigation, which is perfect to display the needed information which includes an overview of CTH, tutorial sessions, sign up form, and an extensive list of Dave Crawford’s credentials. The Crawford Technical Services website is proof that simplicity and professionalism can go hand in hand. The website looks amazing and the logo created by our design team ties everything together!

Check out Dave Crawford’s new website here!

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