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Published On: June 2nd, 2022|Categories: News, Retail & Shopping|

Reimagine gourmet salt with hand-harvested sea salt from Tanzania. ZALT Salt works with local artisanal salt farmers in Tanzania to create a sustainable sea salt market that is sold domestically across the United States. Their unique collections include spicy chili salt, savory garlic grilling salt, natural coarse salt, lemon zest infused salt and so much more!

The eCommerce Website Design Process

The ZALT Salt online store website was designed with the goal to sell products domestically throughout the United States. We worked with the Zalt team to create a modern online store design that captures the essence of the company’s mission, the Tanzanian farmers, and, of course, the salt. The store includes an easy-to-use product navigation and a comprehensive online ordering system.

To help encourage traffic to the online store, our digital marketing team added custom Search Engine Optimization to the products and website pages. The site also uses beautiful images and illustrations of the products and country of origin throughout the site to give visitors a sense of how their purchases benefit real people.

The end result is a beautiful eCommerce website design that provides a unique shopping experience.

Check out the New Website Design!

Shopify Website Design - Zalt Salt

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