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Published On: October 23rd, 2018|Categories: Automotive, Marine & Repair, La Crosse, WI, Manufacturing, News|

Sometimes small town businesses are simply the best way to go. Gunner’s Top Notch Auto in Holmen, WI is a local auto body shop dedicated to serving quality care to the community and surrounding areas. With great customer service and expert mechanics, Top Notch Auto goes out of their way to help their customers get back on the road. They offer free quotes and loan vehicles at no extra charge to help keep their clients lives running smoothly while their vehicles are in the shop. Top Notch Auto offers a wide array of services including tire repair, oil changes, engine diagnostics, windshield repairs and so much more.  While many auto shops charge an arm and a leg, Top Notch Auto believes vehicles repairs should be fast and easy.

Our team worked with Top Notch Auto to create a new website that will help increase traffic to the auto business. Our team redesigned the website to fit the company’s branding, created copy for new and existing pages, and combined two of Top Notch’s websites into one domain for easier access. Mobile capabilities were also installed for easy access on tables and smart phones. To help increase customer growth, contact forms and calls to action were added to the website. The new Top Notch website is sleek, modern, and highlights the best qualities of Gunner’s Top Notch Auto.

Click here to give the new website a test drive.

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