Website Redesign: Winona Health

Published On: August 14th, 2018|Categories: Medical & Dental, News|

Websites need regular maintenance to run efficiently and stay up to date. For Winona Health, their site was in need of a check up. Our team got to work and updated the website’s theme to help the site run better and look great. The new theme has helped add more life to the website through customized images, warm & inviting colors, and mobile accessibility for those on the go.

The updated website has easy to use navigation and a clear list of all the health services that are provided. Winona Health is an important asset to the Winona community and an efficient website can help the organization continue to connect with those in need. Our team also installed an ADA widget onto the site that provides accessibility for all users; an essential feature for a healthcare organization. This tool allows users to alter text size, covert text to audio, highlight links, and much more!

Click here to check out Winona Health’s updated website!

Hospital Website Design - Winona Health

ADA tools are important assets for healthcare facilities, government organizations, banks, and much more. Contact Us to learn how to provide equal access to your website for all viewers.

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