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Published On: March 31st, 2022|Categories: La Crosse, WI, News, Property Management|

For over 25 years, Traditional Trades in Onalaska, WI has been a trusted partner in home & commercial construction, sales and leasing. They have earned a reputation for providing residents 55+ with luxurious living spaces.

Property Management Website Design & Local Marketing

We worked with Traditional Trades to transition their current website to a modern WordPress platform. The update included minor adjustments with the overall website design remaining untouched.

This transition was a necessary step to begin marketing their available apartments. Traditional Trades provides luxury homes for seniors 55+ and has a new development they are looking to fill. We began by updating the property landing page with strong calls to action, online application forms and important leasing information. The page is updated for compatibility on mobile and desktop screens.

From there, we began implementing professional Facebook and Google ads. Our marketing team includes graphic designers, copywriter, project manager, and Facebook/Google management experts. We will continue to work with Traditional Trades to help the online marketing ads reach the best potential residents.

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Property Management Website Design - Traditional Trades

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