Website Update: Tri-County Firefighter’s Association

Published On: March 22nd, 2023|Categories: Churches, Clubs & Non-Profits, News, Winona, MN|

Tri-County Firefighter’s Association provides an online platform for the Fillmore, Houston & Winona County firefighters to share board information, by-laws, events and more. The goal of the organization is “to further a closer feeling of friendship and fellowship among the firefighters of this area.” We sure are proud to have such great emergency response teams in our area.

The Non-Profit Website Design Process

Keep your board information and by-laws all in one spot for easy access to all organization members. This is exactly how Tri-County Firefighter Association is using its new website.

This website is a great example of an online tool being used to improve the transparency of an organization. The design is simple, yet professional and creates a sense of credibility for the Tri-County Firefighter Association. The website includes board member information, by-laws, certification & map links, upcoming events, and more.

Tri-County Firefighter’s Association’s website looks great and will continue to be a useful tool. We provided training so the Association can continue to make basic changes and keep its website up-to-date. Of course, we’re also available on the phone or in-person to help!

Check out their New Online Presence!

Membership Website Design - Tri-County Firefighter's Association

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