Market goods, services or even your entire company to prospective consumers with images that speak more clearly than words. Whether you need commercial product photography, food photography, business portraits or staged model photography, Vision Design Group offers a wide array of photography services to suit your businesses’ needs including Google 360 Virtual Tours.

Product Photography

Product photography is used by virtually all of our commercial industrial clients. Many retail customers also require commercial product photography services. Product photography can be used in print design marketing efforts and is an important type of photo to use on your business website.

Mobile Studio

Our office provides a versatile studio space for a variety of projects. But when your subject is a building, extremely heavy piece of equipment or large number of people or products, our entire outfit can be transported to you. We maintain commercial photography equipment that streamlines a photo shoot on the go, including digital SLR cameras, lenses, and studio lighting tools.

Photo Direction

Our commercial photography is often part of a greater production process for a print design or web design project. Browse our sample galleries to get ideas for your own project. We have ample experience to guide you through the photography process, including brainstorming, planning, logistics, site/location research, and art direction.

Processing & image Preparation

This is a vital step between the initial photo shoot and your image’s intended use. We don’t cut corners on design software and talent—so your images will be well-exposed, color balanced, sharp, and they’ll be infused with the creativity and art direction of our staff. Our commercial photography will be delivered looking its best in the format you require, or we can guide you through the production of the printed piece or website your photos were intended for.

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