Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the hosting fee for?

The monthly hosting fee covers backups and hosting in addition to software licenses for the most common plugins needed to run your website. These include online forms, search engine optimization tools, security, and performance to name a few. WordPress and plugin upgrades are also included.

I have a unique feature I want to add to my site—can you help?

There is a good chance that a software plugin has been developed to handle your unique feature. With experience working on hundreds of websites, we’re exposed to a variety of solutions that are readily available and that can be integrated into your site. If your feature request requires custom development we are happy to introduce you to our trusted development partners.

How do you keep your rates so affordable?

We pride ourselves on being affordable while also providing great support. This is made possible from a dedicated team with years of experience. Additionally, we’re never satisfied with our current process and are always open to new and better ways to increase efficiency. Our business changes every day and we’re OK with that!

Can you help us with getting leads from our website?

Yes. Site design, site speed, and proper calls to action are just a few of the important strategies we deploy to increase lead generation on your site.

We also put tracking in place so you can see which marketing channels are producing leads.

What is your design process? How can we make sure our personality comes through on the website?

Your business is unique and that should be reflected in your website design. Our designers work directly with you at the beginning of the project and research your branding and specific design requirements. We create a unique website for you while following the many usability standards for desktop and mobile.

How long does it take to get my new site up and running?

Most sites take 4-6 weeks to develop. We provide a timeline during the proposal process that takes into consideration any unique circumstances.

I like my existing site, but I do not like the service provider. What are my options?

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. We can easily move and upgrade your existing site and begin offering you support as needed.

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