Manufacturing Website Design: Fenzi North America

Published On: September 22nd, 2023|Categories: Manufacturing, News|

Fenzi North America is a 100% glass-focused company specializing in insulated glass sealants for different industries. This company serves over 80 countries with over 8 decades of experience. That’s a serious glass act!

The Manufacturing Website Design Process

What makes a good website? Is it professional branding? Sleek design? Streamlined content? The answer is…YES!

Fenzi knows glass like we know websites. Their new site is modern and uses attractive branding and grey-scale imaging to tie everything together. The navigation is simple, and visitors can also use the search tool at the top of the page. Additional website features include a custom footer, on-page forms and plenty of space to grow!

Check Out the new website design.

Fenzi North America Web Screenshot

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Three decades also means we have a lot of designs under our belt. GO HERE to look through some of our past work.