Website Redesign: Knudsen’s Caramels

Published On: December 15th, 2023|Categories: Ecommerce, Featured, Red Wing, MN, Retail & Shopping|

Unwrap a Knudsen’s Caramel, and step back in time. These caramels use an old-fashioned recipe to create soft, buttery treats that melt in your mouth. And, they’ve been made the same way since 1981: handcrafted in small batches and shipped fresh to very happy customers!

The Ecommerce Website Design Process

It’s incredible how one simple product can transform a website into a hit ecommerce platform! The new Knudsen’s Caramel design looks great and puts the caramels on center stage. With help from on-site photography, personalized content, and search engine optimization, this site is already converting orders.

The ecommerce platform is integrated directly into the website, making it easy to place and fulfill orders. Better yet, the site has two dedicated platforms: one for casual customers and one for wholesale buyers. This keeps orders organized and makes communication between the two customer bases easier.

Check out the New Website Design!

Knudsen's Caramels web screenshot

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