Website Redesign: RTP Company

Published On: November 1st, 2021|Categories: Featured, Manufacturing, News, Winona, MN|

Websites are incredible tools because they are designed to grow and evolve with your company! Take RTP Company for example. They are a globally renowned thermoplastic company headquartered in Winona, MN. This company requires a large yet responsive manufacturing website design to house product details, services, technical information, market information and more!

The Manufacturing Website Design Process

With over 1000 web pages, RTP needed a website that could handle the company’s growth and information. Our team collaborated with the RTP team to update the website to a modern WordPress platform. The conversion was just one step towards the modern & responsive website RTP has today. The update also included formatting each page as needed, creating mega menus, updating page styling, providing background updates to improve site speed & more.

To handle the large workload, we scheduled regular meetings with the RTP team to keep everything on track. The end result is an impressive website custom-designed to meet the unique needs of RTP Company.

The new RTP website takes organization to the next level. Check It Out!

Manufacturing Website design - RTP

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