Website Redesign: St. Matthew’s Lutheran Family

Published On: March 15th, 2019|Categories: Churches, Clubs & Non-Profits, News, Schools & Educations Centers|

A well designed website can easily display large volumes of information in one place. For an organization such as the St. Matthew’s Lutheran Family, this is especially important. Not only a church, St. Matthew’s is also home to a school and pre-kindergarten service and uses a single website for each area of interest.

Vision Design Group worked with St. Matthew’s to help effectively organize the three areas of interest for easy access on one website. Often when websites use a lot of information, an “uber menu”  is created, which is a large drop down menu that cleanly displays a large number of tabs. For the case of St. Matthew’s, each of the three services uses an uber menu for simple organization. This not only looks professional, but is also easy for the organization to make future updates.

With the new website visitors, members, students, and parents are able to easily find needed information. With the clean design and implemented SEO, our team was able to provide a website that the church will be able to continue to update with new information for many years to come.

Check out the new website here!

St. Matthews Lutheran Church

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