Website Launch: Gallery 1802

Published On: November 18th, 2022|Categories: Fine Arts, Music & Authors, La Crosse, WI, News|

Gallery 1802 is on a mission to highlight the beautiful artwork of local and regional artists. As the gallery owner Mark Halter notes, “Gallery 1802 is a magical place where those who create beauty are celebrated and those who seek beauty are rewarded.”

The Art Gallery Website Design Process

A chic gallery deserves a chic website. The minimalist design puts the artwork at the center of the website. Visitors have access to featured artists, current galleries, and videos right from the homepage. Design features include an event plugin for upcoming exhibitions and a customized template to add future artists to the gallery website.

Simplicity is key to this website design and it looks great. It’s simple to navigate and even easier to enjoy the beautiful work of our area’s local artists.

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Art Gallery Website Design - Gallery 1802

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