Website Launch: PlastiCert

Published On: July 24th, 2023|Categories: Featured, Manufacturing, News, Winona, MN|

PlastiCert is a plastic injection molding company designed to “make [their customers] look good in [their] job!” And with over forty years of experience, they are the place to go for quality, on time production.

The Manufacturing Website Design Process

Are you familiar with a B2B website design? These websites are streamlined to showcase the company’s products in a clear and professional design. Most importantly, they get right down to business, helping convert visitors into customers.

The new PlastiCert website answers three critical questions: What, Who, and Why. With a professional video and clear copy, the homepage focuses on the company’s brand and abilities. Visitors can find the services, capabilities, and contact information in the simple navigation and custom footer.

This site is clean, modern, and simple to use. The calls to action and strong brand awareness make this a great business and marketing tool for the PlastiCert team.

Check out the New Website Design!

PlastiCert Website Screenshot

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