Website Redesign: City of Caledonia

Published On: August 8th, 2021|Categories: Caledonia, MN, Municipalities & Tourism, News|

Why do we love Caledonia? Maybe it is because of the natural outdoors or the location near three midwest states. Maybe it’s the restaurants and small town shops. Or maybe it’s the fact that somebody decided to paint wooden quilts on the their barns and it became a community tradition. There isn’t just one reason to enjoy Caledonia, and the city’s new website truly highlights why it is “a city for all seasons.”

Vision Design has many years of experience creating websites for cities, and we understand the importance of integrating branding and services into a fun and professional website. Our design team helped bring the “city of all seasons” to life with a modern homepage complete with changing seasonal image sliders and an easy navigation.

The new website also features a reorganized navigation with mega menus and a fresh directory for the businesses and organizations in Caledonia. The city’s social media accounts have been linked to the site to keep visitors up to date and informed of events and important information. The City of Caledonia also wanted to make sure they had a website that could be accessed by all visitors. Our team installed an ADA plugin and included desktop and mobile screen compatibility that greatly increases the friendliness of the website.

We encourage you to visit the new website and see what Caledonia has to offer!

City of Caledonia

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