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Published On: October 4th, 2018|Categories: Madelia, MN, Municipalities & Tourism, News|

For over 150 years, City of Madelia has been a hidden gem of Minnesota. Although it may seem like a small town, it has a very rich history from the capture of the Young Brothers bank robbers to the multiple historical markers, and is home to one of the oldest truss bridges in the state. It is a town rich in celebration and hosts several prominent festivals such as the annual Pheasant Phest and the Younger Brother’s History Fest.

There is a little something for everyone who visits Madelia. The city has a bustling downtown area with shopping areas including boutiques, family restaurants, movie theater, bowling alley and more. For the outdoor enthusiasts, the town hosts a beautiful campground as well as a quaint lake and one of the best pheasant hunting locations around.

The City of Madelia website is a great resource for residents and visitors to check out what is happening around the town. Our team had worked with the city of Madelia in the past and, with the city’s new branding, it was time to update their old website. Our team team converted the website and cleaned up the site’s content for a fresher look. We added a directory to the site which includes a list of the city’s businesses and recreational options and installed an ADA plugin to allow everyone access to the website’s information.

The residents of Madelia are proud to be the “Pride of the Prairie” and our team wanted this aspect to shine through the website. Beautiful images of the landscape and land-markers are used throughout the site to tie the town to its prairie identity. The professional website looks stunning and compliments the city’s chamber website as well. The updated website is also compatible for desktop and mobile devices for on the go users.

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