Website Redesign: Laura Ingalls Museum

Published On: September 15th, 2020|Categories: Municipalities & Tourism, News, Pepin, WI|

Whether you grew up reading her books or remember her adventures from the popular tv show, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s story began in Pepin, WI. Pepin is also home to the Laura Ingalls Museum which provides guests a glimpse into early 2oth century life. The museum experience also includes a replica cabin on the Wilder’s original property.

Pepin, Wisconsin is proud to represent the birth place of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and we worked with the museum to redesign their website to help attract more visitors. The new design matches the museum’s branding and allows visitors to easily navigate the website for museum information, special exhibits, and more. Additional features include a “Donate” button in the main navigation, email sign up form, and an integrated eCommerce store for user convenience.

The life of Laura continues to live in Pepin, WI through visitors of all ages, and with the help of the improved website design, new generations can discover the amazing story of this beloved author.

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