Website Redesign: Regional Quality Council

Published On: February 7th, 2023|Categories: Churches, Clubs & Non-Profits, News|

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The Regional Quality Council is a driving force in the effort to provide exceptional services and support for people with disabilities in Minnesota. The council’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by advocating for their needs and promoting meaningful change in their communities.

The Non-Profit Website Design Process

Revitalize your online presence with a local, responsive website design and hosting company.

Regional Quality Council experienced just this with their recent website redesign. With a focus on modernizing the look and feel, the site now boasts branded colors, a clear layout of services, and a sleek, user-friendly design.

As a high-content website, ease of navigation was critical to its success. That’s why we separated the services into four locations. This makes it simple for visitors to find what they need and connect with the council. Strong calls to action and local imagery enhance the connection even further.

But a great design is only half the story. We also made sure the back end was just as impressive. New plugins now improve load time, add SEO, and make it easy for the staff to make their own edits. This is especially important for the council, who plans to keep the site updated on their own. We provide training and support for this, and are always available for any changes that may need a little extra help. With a responsive team, the result is a website that looks and functions seamlessly for everyone.

Check out the new look:

Non-Profit Website Design - Regional Quality Council

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