Website Redesign: The Woods Fine Amish Furniture

Published On: June 2nd, 2023|Categories: Ecommerce, News, Retail & Shopping|

Plainview MN is a hidden gem that sells beautifully 100% Amish-crafted furniture. The Woods Fine Amish Furniture is an area staple with a showroom that will blow you away. The furniture pieces are works of art that you can trust are made to last. It really is worth the visit!

The Ecommerce Website Design Process

Hiring a local website management team has its benefits! We worked with The Woods team directly to create a complete site redesign. The result is a stunning website that puts the products on center stage. More importantly, the site is easy to use and optimized to run efficiently.

The highlight of the website is the Online Showroom. We upgraded this section with an interactive “get-a-quote” feature. This lets customers request pricing and shipping information on specific product(s). Plus, the inventory is organized into categories and each product page includes multiple photos, dimensions & important sales information.

Another important feature is the PDF catalog integration. This website holds over 30 very large pdfs. We designed the website with the ability to optimize the pdfs for faster load times. That’s a win-win for everyone!

We love the look of the New Website Design. Check out the artistry of the Amish furniture for yourself!

The Woods Amish Furniture Screenshot

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