Website Update: Darr Auctions & Realty

Published On: December 20th, 2018|Categories: News, Property Management, Wordpress Plugin Solutions|

Darr Auctions & Realty is the go to service for realty and auction needs in the Rushford area. As a family owned and operated business, they understand what it takes to run a successful company. Darr Auctions and Realty is one of the many businesses that Vision Design Group has had a pleasure to work with over the years.

The company stands out in their industry as a business with both licensed realtors and complete auction services. This means that Darr Auctions and Realty are able to help clients through every step of the realty process reducing the customer’s need to hire multiple services.

Having worked with Darr Auctions and Realty in the past, our team was happy to help keep the company’s website up to date. Just like any software, websites eventually fall out of date with new tech, and a site conversion is a great way to keep the format of a website while converting it to a newer WordPress platform.

The update will allow the team at Darr Auctions and Realty to make changes easily and keep the website looking great! The new website also utilizes a comprehensible software for realtor listings allowing customers to view current listings. This allows customers to search available listing by location and listing type which includes houses, farmland commercial, and building lots.

Check out the website here!

Darr Auction & Realty

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