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Published On: November 10th, 2022|Categories: Ecommerce, Manufacturing, News, Wabasha, MN|

Redmond Environmental serves the niche industry of residential sewage and grinder pumps. Customers know they can rely on Redmond Environmental for complete pump systems and specific hard-to-find replacement parts.

The Manufacturing Website Design Process

Redmond Environmental has a strong customer base and needed a website that can support its large selection of replacement parts. We began with an e-commerce website design but knew it would have to be customized to fit the company’s needs.

For this reason, we turned the online store into an online quote request. Customers can shop the products the same way they would any other e-commerce store. The only difference is, instead of adding items to their online cart, they are adding them directly to a quote request. This request is then sent directly to the company which can reach out to the customer with a custom quote.

Building the automatic quote directly into the online store saves the customer the extra step of searching for the product and then reaching out to the company themselves.

Additional features of the website include a modern overall design, search engine optimization, and a custom contact footer.

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Manufacturing Website Design - Redmond Environmental

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